Lots of AMAZING SPL T shirts from Teemill

Our new cute A6 24 page comic, I will put it in the Glyndwr art shop but if that is too far for you, contact us with your info and we will post one out to you for a pound or something. edgar x
£1 including postage

Just font for now, no numbers or symbols yet x. PC users drag the spl.ttf to your windows/fonts folder. Mac users need to use "google" to figure out how to install a font. x

Hey, print this out, colour it in, send us a picture, put it in the bin.


there are a few of the old SPL DVDs still in a box somewhere around here. They have movies, making ofs, a badge and a few other goodies. Be warned they are not totally stable, they tend to work fine on a computer but may "piss" and "moan" on a TV DVD player

£10 to you


there are a bunch of badges too, they are £1 each or feel free to bootleg your own, really I am not even kidding!


Totally free, totally for tom tom, totally untested, totally no warranty.

Let us know how well they work.

Totally great fairtrade T shirts sizes 10 to 16 in red black green blue and stuff, I mean pink

£5 or £7 posted to you in the UK, I can post pretty much anywhere but it is likely to be more money, I haven't tried posting to North Korea but pretty much anywhere else, yeah?


Download, Print onto card, colour, cut, enjoy!

Send us a Quid and we will send you a bunch of stickers or you can download and print them yourself.