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(SPLEP033 04/06/2017)

2017 Science Special part 1


edgar, Bryce and Mike (the scientist) discuss and describe, ¿How fast are we traveling and in relation to what and the speed of light?

here is a conversation that followed the show as the info gradually sank in

edgar -

Hey, I think I get it,

The speed of light is the same for all observers because. .. If you are going faster time passes more slowly


Bryce -

Whoa whoa whoa there edgar pal,

You can’t just answer one of the universes most complex questions with 9 words!

Are you saying that the relative observation of the speed of light is equal and balanced to the relative stretching of space time?



I’m not sure I’ll ever have the ability to understand / explain this TBC. But you’re both pretty much right. The confusion all arises from our perspective.

If you imagine space and time to be fixed, then the speed of light being constant would lead to all those crazy paradoxes people get confused about (bullet fired from a bullet etc.).

But only particles with mass experience space and time, and only massless particles travel at the speed of light. The speed of light stays constant because space and time warp relative to it (time slows and distances shorten the faster you move). If you accept that the speed of light can’t change, it’s a natural consequence that EVERYTHING else has to (to escape those paradoxes). That’s where Einstein’s theory really came from. Maxwell proved the speed of light was constant decades before Einstein, but wasn’t bonkers enough to take it to its natural conclusion.

If only I could have been that concise last week!

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