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(SPLEP026 08/04/2015)

¡Hey Guys!

We have a new CEO, the remaining Saku beers and a packed stu-stu-studio

Sweet Tunes

5 miles to mums

Making Marks - Forgive and forget

The Psammead sings

Frankie Lane and Joe Stafford - Piece a puddin

Caspar Babypants - Just for you

Lia Pamina - How come I

Bridgewater AI


Mega-E City, Amazing cheap electric "cars"

Survivors (Whoopsie, ¡dropped it!)

Monkey Island (Play)

Realistic kissing simulator


SPLARPY was brought to you by

Zetarz and Brad and is ¿Technology?

A Really Lamy Quiz;

We have copies of Making Marks new album - a thousand half truths & maybe some other bits

1. ¿How big is $165 BILLION in £10 notes?

2. ¿Where do the ions go when a battery runs out?

3. Draw, photograph or make the most complex thing that you could make using no man made tools or materials, only what nature provides.

You can submit your answers to edgar@sallepierrelamy.com or Twitter @sallepierrelamy or a message on


Here are the Breakfast guns


Laura S L




Hope you enjoyed the show, send us a message on twitter or something @SallePierreLamy

edgar and Bryce x