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(SPLEP024 19/12/2014)

¡Hey Guys!

QUARTER CENTURY & CHRISTMAS SHOW, it is of EPIC length too weighing in at over 2 and a half HOURS

Sweet Tunes

O-Nion - 4 way death trap

Mowbird - Lady Lion

Ten Thousand Tigers - String My Rope

The New Forbidden - Drowning

Ron Goodwin - The Headless Horseman

Ben Liebrand

Hendo Hoverboard



NASA Soundcloud

Mr Go

Brisco County Jr

The Lion's song


SPLARPY was brought to you by

Mushbu and Matt and is ¿Candy Corn?

A Really Lamy Quiz;

We have copies of Ten Thousand Tigers new album - Dancing Songs & maybe some other stuff too

1. ¿What would you Haptic Hologram?

2. Write some lyrics or make a song using NASA's soundcloud and Wheelchair sportscamp (about swearing in space)

3. Draw or photograph how you would make a gun out of breakfast

You can submit your answers to edgar@sallepierrelamy.com or Twitter @sallepierrelamy or a message on


Here are the Eyebrows

Ben Sawin


Jim Russell




Hope you enjoyed the show, send us a message on twitter or something @SallePierreLamy

edgar and Bryce x