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(SPLEP021 04/12/2013)

¡Hey Guys!

iiIIIITSSS SHOWTIME, We have a great Christmas (not very Christmasy) show for you so without further a doo

Bryce is making a calendar, we will finish it really soon and somehow make it available to all you SPListeners

Sweet Tunes

Fitness Forever - Disco Quiz

Andrea Gorse - Bang Bang

The Minions - What we choose to be

Dejobaan - Drunken Robot Pornography

Orchestrion Organ 1879 - Veronique (I just spyed that we already played this on show 18, WHOOPSY)

Scott Joplin - The Entertainer (Link is the origional SLOW version)


Radioactivity Counter made by Rolf-Dieter Klein

Dr Easy

More info on the website and the cool fake science website too

Created to help you

Monad Lifescience

Call of the Wylie

Drop That Beat Like An Ugly Baby

Parachute Joust

Shelter (The Badgers are too cute)



SPLARPYs this time were brought to you by

Markie and Vinnie from The Mini Skips and is about FOOTY MOVIES

A Really Lamy Quiz;

We have copies of Shelter, Extrasolar and maybe some of the Game SPLARPY artwork to give away

1. ¿How would YOU protect a fragile expensive space camera from radiation?

2. ¿Which cartoon character would you like to see a live action movie of and why?

3. Draw, or create your own outer space rover

You can submit your answers here with a link to your picture or to edgar@sallepierrelamy.com or Twitter @sallepierrelamy or a message on


Andrew Maddern

Ben Coker

ben trow and Llinos

Jim Russell

Tess Igoe

Joe List

Laura Simms Luddington


Delilah Pipkin


Sophie Elmieh


Hope you enjoyed the show, send us a message on twitter or something @SallePierreLamy

edgar and Bryce x