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(SPLEP020 30/10/2013)

¡Hey Guys!

Sorry about the delay but we have a great 10 year anniversary show for you including great content & Sweet tunes for you to enjoy

We have made a few videos too, we did a bunch of Game SPLARPYs and we are working on more SPL DayZ Diaries too

Sweet Tunes

Wheelchair Sport Camp - A is for Anything

Autoflag - Police Academy Police Academy

Four Aces - Three coins in a fountain

Patric Catani - On the radar

The Mini Skips - Evil Shy

Nameless - TV Killing your brain

Kuru Kuru Nabe

How to cook colourful Hama beads

FlyVIZ 360

Tracking point... ¡BANG!

Hell Comes to Frogtown (Check out the top comment)

Frogtown woman/Goomba/Turtle/Sexy gremlin

Our Soundguy drew this wonderful masterpiece

Miracle Homes

Papers Please, a dystopian document thriller


This is Atmosfear, A real VIDEO game


SPLARPYs this time were brought to you by Sophie Pearson and Sophie Elmieh from Jacobean Ruff and is about cereal

A Really Lamy Quiz;

We have copies of Papers Please, Globbert, Blingsanity and Wheelchair Sports Camp stickers and badges and maybe some of the Game SPLARPY artwork to give away

1. ¿What is the collective noun for people who listen to the Salle Pierre Lamy podcast?

2. ¿What is Venture X?

3. PHOTOGRAPH, DRAW or SCULPT you making Tom Hignites smile. Grit teeth, cheeks back, chin in neck.

You can submit your answers here with a link to your picture or to edgar@sallepierrelamy.com or Twitter @sallepierrelamy or a message on


¿What 2 things would you splice using DNA?

Erica Taylor


Helen Vaughan

Laura Simms Luddington


Sophie Elmieh


Richard Hofmeier, This answer is TOO big to put here, it is it's own web page that he created. Click on the picture for the full experience

Hope you enjoyed the show, send me a message on twitter or something @SallePierreLamy

edgar x