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(SPLEP019 05/29/2013)

¡Hey Guys!

As always we have delicious content & Sweet tunes for you to enjoy

Sweet Tunes

Bruce Haack - Clapping with Katy

The Carrots - Crystal Lake

Ruja - Dokumentideta võõras linnas

Pocketmaster - Joggers in the park

Seazoo - Carp and Man

Vladimir Frankenstein - Summer Wine

Here he is on streetview. You can email him to buy a CD here drfrankenstein at mail dot ru

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If you go to visit him and buy a CD you should totally use Like a local to help you explore the rest of Tallinn


For an amazing high tec company this is an ASTONISHINGLY bad video

& this is what it is like inside

Glowing Plant ¿But guys where are the pictures of the plant?


Tutu Funnytooth

Cart Life: A retail simulation for windows



This shows SPLARPY was brought to you by, Helen & Chris, you can find her blog about plants & craft stuff here

A Really Lamy Quiz;

We have copies of Cart Life to give away & maybe some other stuff too

1. ¿What does the D stand for in D-Wave?

2. ¿How would YOU quantum couple 2 particles?

3. DRAW or SCULPT the 2 things that you would splice together using DNA. You can use Odosketch or photoshop some pictures or whatever you fancy OR you can use sculptris to 3D model it (if you do this you will be almost guaranteed a prize)

You can submit your answers here with a link to your picture or to edgar@sallepierrelamy.com or Twitter @sallepierrelamy or a message on


¡To cheese or not to cheese!


Ben Coker




Sophie from Jacobean Ruff


Mike Simms


Popstar Named Markie


Hope you enjoyed the show, send me a message on twitter or something @SallePierreLamy

edgar x