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(SPLEP017 01/31/2013)

¡Hey Everyone!

Sorry about the massive delay getting the show out but I have sweetened up the website.

It is also the shows 2nd birthday "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" (say happy birthday to us)

We were treated to a spectacular bottle of Crystal Head Vodka, mmMMMm creamy and powerful ¡Thanks Dan Aykroyd!

& we got each other these great gifts

Sweet Tunes

That's not edgars heart - Agent Ribbons

The Great Richard Nixon - Gene Marshall (& Tonnes of cool song poems on WFMU)

Lat i H-moll - Björn Olsson

First Bus - The Smittens

¿Russian something?

Dave M - No God Band


Musical pencil gizmo, also a ¡PRIZE!

Team Blacksheep

Off the charts the song poem story

Tonnes of Song Poem stuff at WFMU too

"Las Palmas" (also a prize)

Mousebiro by Fiona campbell


Potatoman Seeks the Troof (PRIZE)

This is the Potatoman trailer, you totally MUST watch this.

This is Cosmic Ark for the Atari 2600 that I was going onn about

and this guy is Dizzy


This shows SPLARPY was brought to you by, Scottish lady in China, Gemma Rochester and Chinese man in Wales, Max Wang Hao

A Really Lamy Quiz;

We have many MANY prizes this time so dig deep

1. ¿What the heck was the Russian song that we played?

2. Write a verse of a song about Crystal Head Vodka and we will weave them all into a song.

3. DRAW a Dogtree, you can use Odosketch or photoshop some pictures or whatever you fancy

You can submit your answers here with a link to your picture or to edgar@sallepierrelmay.com or Twitter @sallepierrelamy or a message on


And finally

¿Which is best? ¿Bears or Unicorns?

Andy Vine

Ben Coker

Emily Birch

Erica Taylor

Helen Davies

Roo O'Nion

Karen Richards

Stan Dickenson

This one isn't a Unicorn Vs Bears but it gets it's own special bit, it is Roo's answer to ¿What is Postulation? in picture form

edgar x