(SPLEP016 05/12/12)

¡Merry Christmas everybody!

Get ready for the end of the world show (I'm pretty sure there will be more shows) and the unveiling of a NEW PROJECT.

Sweet tunes;

A Christmas fantasy - Orazio Fagotti (¿I can't find anything by this guy, ANYTHING?)

Newsreel Cities - Jan Doyle Band

Big Africa - Crystal Boys

Payback Pursuit - Perturbator

Krooked Blues - King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band

Happy Bones - Roo, He is a secret non web ninja, if you want one of his CDs send me an email - edgar@sallepierrelamy.com and I will hook you up, that is hang you up with hooks through your flesh

Lightsaber & Hoverboard news;

Bebionic3 Robot arm

Boston Dynamics

The skinny on the Mayan Long count

Moving Images;

Decay (Zombie movie shot at CERN by physics PHS students ¡FULL MOVIE!)

Horror Express ¡Experimental Salle Pierre Lamy Alternate Commentary! ¡FULL MOVIE!

Gaining Gaming;

Hotline Miami

old spice saves the world with dikembe mutombo



This shows SPLARPY was brought to you by, comics guy Joe List and tiny things jewelry woman Lynn Allingham

A Really Lamy Quiz

We have copies of Omegladon to give away, come and join us, ¡I want monster chaos!

1. ¿Define postulation? (correct answers will NOT be accepted)

2. ¿A Backronymn for the Salle pierre Lamy alternate commentary?

3. DRAW Bears Vs Unicorns, which is best, we need a clear winner. You can draw using anything you like, there is a thing here if you want to use it.


You can submit your answers here with a link to your picture or to edgar@sallepierrelmay.com or Twitter @sallepierrelamy or a message on


And finally

us as Zombies

Ben Coker

Ben Whitehouse

Darren and Ian

Caroline Eccles


Helen Davies

Max Selwyn


Mike Simms


Andy Vine

PS Finally

Billy Crystals new movie (¿and face?)¡WOW it looks TERRIBLE!

University beans Place

Gross new furbys with soul sucking eyes

edgar x

(SPLEP015 17/10/12)

¡Hey Guys, get the Risky ready for episode 015, ¡THE RISKY DRINKING GAME!

Sweet tunes;

Cosines - Hey Sailor Boy

Beirut - The Shrew (It's not my fault they are so short and fat, try asking Ho-RATIO Caine)

Bad Lip Reading - Eye of the Sparrow

Bignic - Zombies - Tetrapod

Hymn for Her - Slips

Spike Jones And The City Slickers - A Serenade To A Jerk

Lightsaber & Hoverboard news;

Femto Photography

Red Bull Stratos

Moving Images;

Creepy Watson


¿Snoopy Snoop Doggy Dog Lion?

Gaining Gaming;


Table for one


A Really Lamy Quiz

The prizes this time are an amazing MP3 player and we have a bunch of copies of the Zombies game and soundtrack which we reviewed in the show

1. ¿What is the spinny bit called in a revolver? (I am pretty sure it is the chamber so give me a better answer than that)

2. ¿Vertical re-entry? ¿Would it work, why, how?

3. Draw edgar and Bryce as Zombies, you can use any media you like, there is a thing here


You can submit your answers here with a link to your picture or to edgar@sallepierrelmay.com or Twitter @sallepierrelamy or a message on


And finally




Ellie Larke



Joe List

Joe Morris Jnr




Mademoiselle Sophie





edgar x

(SPLEP014 17/8/2012)

One Life Left kindly let us on their show and we are going to cheekily class it as our fourteenth show for our chronology

Click on the picture above for a link to the show

Thanks again guys

edgar and Bryce x

(SPLEP013 07/8/2012)

edgar and Bishop Rodrigo hang out with Mowbird in our HOT studio

Additional notes are the average temperature of Mars is about -55°c

and this is Max the Lion

(SPLEP012 08/7/2012)

edgar and Bryce hang out with Standard Fare on a train at Indietracks

(SPLEP011 04/6/2012)

edgar, Bryce and local science expert Mike Corcoran cover many areas of science for the

Wrexham Science Festival including...


Symphony of science

Resonance - Music from the Atlas Experiment (The guys at CERN, you know, the Hadron collider machine)

The Elements by Tom Lehrer


Space X

Freeman Dyson(check out that ¡HONKER!)

NASA Solar Sail

FREE Orbiter Space Flight Simulator

Don Pettit (tiny astronaut)


IBM's Watson

John Ronson argues with some smug programmers John Ronson Bot

Alice the Chatbot


The Game of Life



Masdar city

Nuclear fusion by



The National Ignition Facility

John Hutchinson makes stuff float (he might be using string)


The complex thought experiment about defining objects explained with the

Theseus’ Ship story and by the Trigger's Broom story in the youtube clip below

Hope you enjoyed the show & for more Science stuff have a look at

where you will find tonnes of live shows in Wrexham from Thursday 19 – Friday 27 July 2012

edgar x

(SPLEP010 21/4/2012)

Here we have Ellie Larke joining us for the second of the SPL music specials

Amongst other things we discuss

The definition of the word Canon

The Band Nunatak

And lots lots more, you can find Ellie Larke on the internet in these places

On Facebook

Her Website

And sponsor her album on Pledge Music

edgar x

(SPLEP009 20/4/2012)

¡Here is the first of many Salle Pierre Lamy Music Specials!

First up is the delightful Golden Fable

Their website is right here

(SPLEP008 21/04/12)

¡Hey Guys, sorry for the delay & C=the speed of light!

Sweet tunes;

Tigercats- Full Moon Reggae Party

Original Dixieland jazz band - Tiger Rag

¿This sounds a little slow to me right?

Happy Harry - Nicholas Cage wants cake

Disasterpiece - Adventure

The Lovely Eggs - Food

Russ Conway - Pixilated Penguin

Lightsaber & Hoverboard news;

Taylor Wilson - Website

Taylor Wilson - TED talk

Boston Dynamics - Cheetah & Sandflea

Moving Images;

Harry Partridge

TV Tropes

Gaining Gaming;

Vidiot Game

Abobo's big adventure


A Really Lamy Quiz

1. ¿What trope would you like to see begin on TV/movies?

such as; Good cop bad cock- Weather 2.0 - Trojan sturgeon or nipples the cat

2. ¿What should the next Boston Dynamics robot be like? ¿Animal/not an animal?

3. Draw a mouse inside a biro pen tube

Buxton Quiz answers

We also promised you a link to the full Adam Buxton BUG show on youtube, his new show will be on SKY Atlantic shortly

Oh, & Pat & Mick too


(SPLEP007 22/01/12)

¡We are TOTALLY ONE year old!

Sweet tunes;

Salle Pierre Lamy - Your Freaking Birthday (There will be a video up on youtube soon)

John F Palmer - & the band played on

George Evans - In the good old summertime

bloodsport - Fsarra R Alt (with voiceover)

fucking werewolf asso - Keep my adresse to yourself, cause we need secrets

Michael Z. Land - Letter to a Friend (That track is an exclusive so I have linked to the main Monkey Island theme)

Lightsaber & Hoverboard news;

Boston Dynamics - Petman

(Based on Robocop 2)

Wearable power assist suit

Raytheon Sarcos XOS 2

Raytheon Sarcos Modified Ditch Witch

Moving Images;

Gremlins 2 DVD sequence

& It TOTALLY is Hulk Hogan

(SPAWN FLOATING GIANT FACE, go to 4:10 for the action)

Batman - Dead End

Hellmanns recipes - (Gross), you need to suggest your Hellmans recipies to us too (edgar@sallepierrelamy.com)

Raiders of the Lost Ark - The Adaptation (The full thing is up on youtube, ¿who knew?

Gaining Gaming;

This is a Work of Fiction




¿Hey, you know who that is? ¡Right, it's me edgar! ¿But who is that with me?


(SPLEP006.5 05/11/11)

In our super 006.5 Adam Buxton Special at the Cheltenham Film Festival

Haptic Asthetics


Witness the fitness

Witness the pitness

Lil Buck and Yo-Yo Ma


A Really Lamy Quiz

1. ¿True or False? ¿George Martin producer of The Beatles recorded the theme for the Archers (Popular radio 4 knightmare)?

2. ¿Practical recyclng tips?

3. ¿Draw what the SOUND of Adam buxton listening to the Archers whilst playing Pikmin looks like?


¡Spectacular content for you to enjoy with an astounding celebrity endorsement!

Sweet tunes;

(SPLEP006 12/11/11)

Ellie Larke - Love for sale

prince charles nwaimo 419 - We wish you this (Princess Margaret)

Fried Man - Slavonic Rhapsody No. 2

XOR37H - BorlandC++ Builder 6kg

You can find XOR37H at The Hitmen HERE

OX - Share Gas Drive West

Also you can visit OX here

Lightsaber & Hoverboard news;

Kitty Playdate Ipet companion

reCAPTCHA official site (doesn't mention all the stuff we talked about)

reCAPTCHA article which gives you the skinny

Pharos Serpent

By John Carpenter NOT David Cronenberg

Another terryfying example of Pharos Serpent

Lytro Magical alleged refocusing camera

Moving Images;

Go Pro Hero 2

the sheriff and the satellite kid 1979 (english dub)

why pick on me (english dub) ¡It's the sequel!



Gaining Gaming;

Make kids make clothes (fun)

Voxatton alpha


GTA5 Trailer

GTA 5 / San andreas comparison

Booze and bottles from Really Lamy Quiz NO 5


Here it is, Salle Pierre Lamy podcast NO 5. You have waited very patiently and you are about to be rewarded with our clearest Hi Fi audio EVER

Sweet tunes;

(SPLEP005 27/08/11)

Mowbird - Holy Moly Me Oh My

The Benediction of Poignards - Les Huguenots (I can't find this on the internet, sorry)

Butthole Surfers - Edg

Baby Brave - The Elbow Incident

Clyde Doerr & His Orchestra - Swanee Smiles (This is a different band but the same track)

Lightsaber & Hoverboard news;

SWITL the Magic Scooper

SMAVNET Deployment of Large Aerial Swarms

HDR Video by Soviet Montage

Other Things;

Danny ‪Aykroyd Crystal Head Vodka

Danny ‪Aykroyd unplugged on UFOs

¡MUSA! 419 eater

Gaining Gaming;

Back to the Future the game

Tiny and Big

Cortex Command

¿What is the movie called where Levi Roots is sent back in a virtual time simulator and tries to save some woman from a bomb on a train or something?

¡Regge Regge Source Code!

Deekmobiles from Really Lamy Quiz NO 4


Here it is guys, a super short Salle Pierre Lamy podcast one on one Chris Barrie and edgar (SPLEP004.5 05/06/11).


Had a bit of a hassle uploading but HERE IT IS! the Salle Pierre Lamy Podcast number FOUR! (SPLEP004 28/06/11).

Sweet tunes; I can only link to 4 of the 5 because one of them is old and rare

The Bonedrivers - Gimmie Lightning

Allo Darlin' - My heart is a drummer

Tryfle - My alter ego

Joe Morris Jr - The great red eye

The last one is Juanita hall and choir - Come where my love lies dreaming

Lightsaber & Hoverboard news ANTIGRAVITY SPECIAL;

HEEEY this is super magnet man, Halloween toss

Floating frog

David Deak, acoustic levitation

Die Glocke


Moving Images;

Colin's Bear Animation

more info about Colin's Bear Animation here

¿Remember we talked about that don hertzfeldt video that turned out to not be him? Well I reported them to these guys and found an ace beardyman video too.

Awesome robot dinosaur

Gaining Gaming;

Cardboard box assembler

Hemp Tycoon

Tealy & Orangey

If you have any suggestions or have something that you want us to feature find us on our facebook and let us know here.


Number three & TOTALLY still going great (SPLEP003 12/05/11).

First up, links to the music. Some of it in this episode was errr, not really music. I will see what I can find to link to

Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville, Au Clair de la Lune

Delicious Digital, Paperboy Dub

You can find them on facebook and stuff too

original player piano rolls gems (Can't find a link to the tunes but I guess you could buy it if you love it)

The Conet Project, tcp d1 1 the swedish rhapsody irdial

Allo Darlin, If Loneliness Was Art (Acoustic Version)

Lightsaber & Hoverboard news;

NASA Picks Its Best and Worst Science-Fiction Movies

NASA Solar Sail

Holiday In Singapore (Brian Cox)

Moving Images;

The Miraculous Spinning Bullet

MovieReshape: Tracking and Reshaping of Humans in Videos"

I have done a bit more research and it doesn't look like it is Don Hertzfeldt. Let's find out who they are and embarrass them.

Gaining Gaming;


Super Mario Bros. X

Soul Brother

Duke Nukem Forever (Finally!)

Any questions? YEAH?


Welcome back! following are the extremely detailed minutes from show 2 (SPLEP002 28/03/11).

Right, I'm going to link to the music too this time, Here goes

Robert Johnson (sorry about that drawing)

Orders of the British Empire

Runaway Dorothy

Tom Shackleton

Right, so that's the music, there is a track from the Old Curiosity Shop too but I can't see anywhere to link to

Lightsaber & Hoverboard news;

IBM's Watson on Jeopardy

Word Lens - augmented reality translation

Boston Dynamics Leglab

Moving Images;

Giga pudding (eat your own head)

Beast Hunter with the guy from "DOOD WHERE'S MY CAR?"

Japander, I recommend Arnie and Michael J. Fox

Gaining Gaming;

Captain forever, (Get practicing, this is part of the next Really Lamy Quiz


Right, I think that's everything, if I have forgotten something send us a message on facebook YEAH?


Welcome, hey, so here are the minutes (SPLEP001 15/01/11).

Spyder III Arctic "Lightsaber" "Animation"

Hmmmm, I am struggling to read the minutes for this one but lets say HOVERBOARD - NILS GUADAGNIN


How to build a Lightsaber


The Walking Dead Bicycle Girl Time Lapse

blue roses - "doubtful comforts" (first 3D camera-shift musicvideo!)

Right, Cactussquid did Dear Agent and AdNauseum2 too so here is the link to his WEBSITE

& Telltale made Poker Night at the Inventory so here it is

Finally the link to the archive for the live back catologue of the Grateful Dead (PS... no RSS feed yet, I will get on to it later. edgar.)